Use Solar Power to Run Your Home Electronics and Save Money

Many households, actually just about every household, have electronic devices that could be powered by solar power. Some of these devices consist of TV’s, DVD players/recorders, computer’s laptop and desktops, VCR’s, Stereo’s, and the list could go on and on, many have more than one. It is common to have two or even three of each, and still not be considered rich.Now, what if you could power these devices with electricity produced by you? What if you could produce enough electricity to power your whole house, would you do it? If your thinking it is not worth it because your electronic devices do not use a lot power then you really need to educate yourself on the amount of power these devices draw when turned off.Yes, even when shut off a lot these devices still draw power because they are not completely shut down, they are, basically, in a standby mode. Most electronic equipment requires power even after being shut off to keep the memory from being lost. (TV channels, radio station channels, even the internal clock) So, your electronic devices, even though shut off are drawing more power than you think.If you do not believe me then, for at least one month, unplug every electronic device when not in use, and only plug in the device when you are going to use it then, unplug it again after you turn it off. I know it is a pain to keep resetting everything but you will be amazed at how much it will lower your power bill.Making and installing solar panels to produce electricity to power these devices is not that hard or expensive if you do it yourself. If you install enough solar panels, you can harness enough solar power to power your whole house and have some left over.Guess what? That extra electricity you produce can be sold back to the money sucking power companies. Think about it, you can power your entire home using solar power, and if your solar power system is large enough, you can even put money back into your pocket by selling the excess. The best part is your house does not have to be huge in order to benefit from the use of solar power. The average size home has more than enough roof area to accommodate the necessary solar panels.