Are Your Electronics and Appliances Safe From a Devastating Electrical Power Surge?

Most people are unaware that power surges happen almost daily upon the electrical grid to which there home electrical distribution is attached. Most times these transient voltage spikes are unnoticeable and harmless, however there are occasions when these spikes or power surges are too much for a household electrical system to withstand and immense damage is done to electronics, appliances, and even air conditioning and heating systems.The simplest way to protect against such a devastatingly financial blow is to install or have installed by a qualified electrician a whole house surge suppression unit. This unit is installed at the service entrance (load center) of the house and basically either absorbs the power surge or redirects it to ground thus sparing any further damage.The majority of people think that a point of use surge strip is sufficient to protect computers, electronics, home entertainment centers, etc. but in reality it isn’t enough for some power surges. Installing a whole house surge suppression unit in conjunction with point of use surge strips is good for peace of mind in knowing your home and everything within is protected.There are two manufacturers that come to mind and both are reputable as well as having been around for quite some time. I know this personally as I have dealt with both for many years having been in the electrical distribution industry. These manufacturers are Leviton Mfg. and Intermatic. Both have extensive product lines as well as surge suppression products for residential as well as commercial applications. I recommend either should you decide to invest in the protection of your home and all of the electronics contained therein.For more information feel free to visit the address in the resource box and/or research the companies mentioned above as both have good informative websites to peruse. As a closing note remember the old adage “you get what you pay for” so in my mind (as I’m sure most of you are too), I’m much more apt to spend a couple of hundred dollars to save thousands.