What To Do About All The Different Facts Health And Fitness Studies Show

This is a long title as it should be. Studies done on health and fitness are abundant. It gets crazy sometimes. Just when you think you discovered the perfect answer along comes another study that comes up with a different result!I was reading my American Council On Exercise magazine that just came in the mail. They shared a new study that concluded that lifting lightweights with high repetitions actually causes more muscle development than doing heavyweights with low repetitions.A great discovery! As you read the last paragraph of the article you have to scratch your head. It states that by doing high repetitions your fascia (fibrous tissue under your skin) is compromised and therefore the paragraph suggest the functional benefits of lifting light weights with high repetitions is not as healthy for your body.Okay so you look great but your supportive fascia structure does not get used in enough directions to keep it healthy is what they are saying. Now if that is not confusing what is?I always wonder why even write the article in such a manner. Why not start with the fact that lifting lightweights with high repetitions may make you look great but is not the best method for your body’s functionality so if you want to look good lift lightweights with high repetitions but if you want to be healthy and avoid muscle and skeletal problems do not.Lifting the heaviest weight you can for ten repetitions was all the rage a few years ago. Then lifting lightweights very slowly came into the limelight. So what is a girl suppose to do?I say this over and over to my clients. Moderation is key. Studies are important and I hope they go on but getting away from moderation is not a good plan.What I learned from reading the article was that it is important to work your muscles in various angles so switching up your strength training routines is important which is what I have always believed and shared. I now have one more reason why that is a good idea.What to do about all the studies? If you are a professional consider the possibilities. If you are not and just want to be healthy work with a trainer or use a program that is not extreme. Moderation is key! If you want to read studies make sure you read lots of them that agree before you consider the information as being accurate and even then stay moderate.